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About my Dolls

Dolls are here to play and to love, that is my conviction. Therefore, I make my dolls from Soff, stuff they with wadding and provide them with hair made of mohair or sheepskin. They are soft and warm, and they can be different dressed and combed.

To love one of them means even more. Not only children get Heidi Kreis dolls, even many adults fall in love with one of my dolls. These are the reasons:

  • I make every single doll with love and care
  • Each of my dolls is unique. It give little Asians, Africans and South Americans, which I especially like.
  • With painting the face I give each doll their specific expression. Everything is possible: Mischievous, dreamy, sleepy, amazed, adventurous...
  • Each of my little darlings has its own character. And of course in my big dolls family there are little girls and boys, and babies who are sleeping or have just woken up. And they see the "future doll owners", it's as if they wanted to say, take me in your arms, I would like to come to your house!
Heidi Kreis      041 360 16 49      heidi@puppenkinder.li
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