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About me

   Heidi Kreis

As a child my sisters and I played with "Gummibäbis". That is, my sisters played, but I was sewing and knitting doll clothes for all three!

After school I learned the profession of dressmaker, then I went to the handcraft-teacher seminar. I teached for five years on a school. After that I married and moved from the Canton of Zurich to Lucerne. I did not teach here anymore, because I took care for my husband and soon for two children. Then there was much sewing and knitting to. I also teached for many years sewing classes for adults.

And then, about 40 years ago, broke out the big dolls boom! Everywhere dolls courses were offered in the schools, and a lot of girls made dolls in handcraft classes. But I liked these dolls usually not particularly because they looked ugly. Was it not possible to vreate really lovely dolls? I wanted to try it myself!

With my education and my talent in drawing the beginning was not difficult for me, soon the first puppet sat on our sofa! For years I tried many things: big and very small dolls in traditional costumes, Heidi + Geissenpeter + Schällen Ursli (from a traditional tale), the little prince with his fox, children from the East, and many beautiful harlequins with white skin, human hair and silk costume. Well, I remember that I so much liked the the first sleeping baby that I not sold it for a long time.
For 30 years I am selling my dolls in Lucerne on the craft market. Earlier during the boom years, I had great success on international exhibitions. But times changed, doll artists are rare and I'm already 3-fold Grandmother! Nevertheless, I remain faithful to my hobby. I am glad that today there are many largeand small people can be charmed by my dolls children.

The first Saturday of each month is the best day for me. Then I go with my dolls on the craft market in Lucerne and I am pleased that so many people want to stay and - who knows - fall in love with one of the little dolls.

Heidi Kreis      041 360 16 49      heidi@puppenkinder.li
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