Here you see all the dolls, babies and bunny slippers. The dolls and the sleeping babies are about 16.5 inchs tall (42 centimeter). The bunny slippers are for real babies from birth to about 6 months.

How to order a doll or a baby
  Each doll child or baby is unique.
  If you want a particular doll child or baby, please contact me so I can reserve it.
  Give me the name of the doll and your full adress to 
  Price: CHF 280.- per doll or baby + shipping costs (Switzerland: CHF 10.-, Europe: CHF 30.- and global after agreement).
  Shipping Switzerland with invoice and payment ticket.
  Shipping to other countries after advance payment. 

How to order bunny slippers
Order by e-mail to
  Select one of the basic colors for bunny slippers below.
  The basic colors are avaible in combination with different colors of the wristband.
  For boys pink is less suitable, so inform me if slippers are
  for a boy or a  girl or "sex unknown".
  Price: CHF 30.- per pair + shipping (Switzerland: CHF 3.-, Europe: CHF 6.- and global after agreement).

Dolls 42 cm (* = reserved, ** = sold)

Babies 42 cm (* = reserved, ** = sold)

Sleeping Babies 42 cm (* = reserved, ** = sold)

Mini Dolls 28 cm (* = reserved, ** = sold)

Mini Dolls 28 cm, sleeping

Bunny Slippers